Our Library

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Can all the knowledge of the world be contained in one place if we could collect all the books ever written, images ever printed & maps ever created, in one library ? Borges imagines just such a place in his story ” The Library of Babel” , an endless library which contains not just all the books ever made but even books yet to me made ( in the future). In another story “Aleph” , Borges stretches this imagination even further where man in his quest for understanding the building blocks of language itself, writes books with just one letter of the alphabet. The absurdity of it makes clear that – “Complete knowledge of the universe is impossible for man to collect or to curate“.

Our little research center houses its own little ” Library of Babel“. Its composed of undefined & infinite number of hexagonal galleries/ shelves. An infinite beehive, none of the galleries being more important than the other. All are equally important.This digital catalog is the only catalog which exists & since its available online , through hyperlinks & web-searches, its the master key to all forms of knowledge. In keeping with our emphasis of images over words, our library catalog too is composed of images of books ( in different categories) rather than word searches on book titles & authors.

         Juliet Tower                                                                                 Lobby Upper



        Tetris                                                                                             5 Star



                           Mondrian’s Cube                                                                                  Upper Stall