Naturalis Wunderkammer

Collection of Objects of Nature as Decor

A Cabinet of Curosities ( Wunderkammer) has objects artificilia ( i.e. man-made) & objects naturalis ( i.e. of nature).

We photograph, collect & curate objects of nature from Fossils, Shells, Minerals in natural form to prints & sketches of animals, birds, plants, celestial objects & other beauties of nature. Photography is key to what we do since we don’t wish to possess all objects of nature & often prefer to see them in-situ ( i.e. in their natural habitat). The human eye has its limited range so we use cameras attached to telescopes & microscopes, when necessary. We also wish to explore comparisons between Naturalis Objects & Artificilia Objects , using 3D Printing technology to create Artificial copies of Natural objects eg. Fossils

Write to us & e-Mail photographs & information on unusual objects of Nature, to add to our Cabinet of Curiosities