Artificial Intelligence

An alternative method to Search & Classify Content on the Internet

A Mechanistic Understanding of Human Thought is the key to Artificial Intelligence.

Greek & Roman ( Western) Logic formed the basis for both , Diderot’s classification of Human Knowledge in the world’s first Encyclopaedia & Bertrand Russell’s “Principia Mathematica” , which lead to the creation of the world’s first Personal Computer ( Cybernetics). There is an alternative form of logic in India. Indian (Eastern) Logic , is based on linguistics (Sanskrit language) unlike Western logic, which is built on mathematics. Several options on epistemology or classification of Knowledge have been proposed in Indian logic over the course of its 3000 years of evolution.

We’re using epistemology & logic from ancient Indian writers/philosophers to devise new solutions for Search and Classification. We believe in Open AI & welcome Elon Musk’s new initiative of advancing digital intelligence for the benefit of humanity. ( See OpenAI Blog ->

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